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Tips for Drilling Ice Holes
The auger let out a steady 2-cycle scream as it chewed through a foot and a half of ice. Chips and shards fell around my feet until the blades broke through. I hit the throttle and cleared out the slush, before walking a few yards and punching another hole. Behind me my partner followed, checking the depth of water with a Vexilar. In 10 minutes we had several holes drilled, cleaned and scanned for depth. Now, we were ready to fish. Drilling holes may seem straightforward but there are some tricks of the trade that can make you more efficient when cutting the ice. Here are some suggestions for this upcoming hard-water season with a particular focus on powered augers.

Ice Fishing Perch Pointers
Targeting perch through the ice is one of my favourite types of hard-water action. Not only are perch relatively easy to catch and often eager to bite, they are one of the best tasting freshwater fish. To help boost your perch fishing results this ice season, here are some tips to put more jumbos on the ice.

Great Ice Fishing Gadgets
Every year dozens of new ice fishing products hit the walls of tackle shops. Yet when it comes to getting gear for the hard-water season, you don't only have to shop in fishing stores. In fact, many of the staple pieces of gear I use for safety and comfort reasons I bought at camping and outdoor shops. Here are just a few of my personal favourites.

Try Smaller Ice Fishing baits this Winter.
One of the neatest things about fishing has to be fishing lures! There are so many on the market. When you have success, part of the fun is definitely playing up the 'magic lure' idea. Of all the lures and tackle out there, one of the details I look at is size. Proven colours, shapes or designs can be really interesting to play with when they're offered in smaller versions. Lure size is just like water depth: totally relative. Shallow on one lake might be forty feet, while on another, it's four. A 1/8 ounce tube jig might be really small to a lake trout but huge to a perch or smelt.

Dead-Bait Tactics for Hardwater Pike
Snow-covered landscapes and frozen bodies of water have a deliberate way of changing a pike anglers' methods and routines. Gone are the oversized spinnerbaits, cranks and spoons - the familiar tools of warm weather fishing - and out come the tip ups and quick strike rigs. Match these up with a variety of dead baits, and you'll be well on your way to a season full of cold days and red-hot northern pike. The Intricacies of Bait Dead bait is the preferred tool when chasing winter pike. They represent a large, stationary profile to a hungry fish, triggering instinctive strikes from these freshwater predators. They also provides the perfect scent and taste attributes to attract fish, leaving a magnetic trail washing in the water and arousing their senses. Add to that how easy they are to handle, store and rig, and you've got yourself a definite winner. (Besides, what's better than Mother Nature when it comes to catching fish?

Creepy Crawlies - The Ultimate Bait
The first time I heard about using maggots for icefishing was in a story about how some hard-core ice anglers have been known to keep maggots in their mouths while fishing, to keep the bait warm and alive. While that may be a little too serious for some ice fishermen, maggots, as well as waxworms, mealworms and other such critters, what I affectionately refer to as 'creepy crawlies,' are an effective yet often overlooked bait for icefishing. Maggots, also known as 'spikes,' are the larvae of common houseflies, blowflies and other species of flies. Waxworms are the larval form of the bee moth or wax moth. They are longer and meatier than maggots, ranging from ¼-inch to about an inch long, but share the same creamy-white colour. Mealworms are usually the larvae of the darkling beetle, and can range in size from as small as ½-inch to over an inch in length.

Trusting Tip Ups
In ice fishing a lot of the spotlight has recently focused on run-and-gun tactics with jigging rods. Yet in the shadow of this approach lurks a tried-and-true technique that fools hundreds of fish each season - tip-ups. Tip-ups are sometimes perceived as a secondary, or lesser, method for ice fishing. However, when properly used these presentations can be extremely successful, sometimes out-fishing jigging rods. Types of Tip-Ups Tip-ups can be described as a self-supporting unit, usually rigged with bait, that has a signaling device (often a flag) for when a fish strikes. Tip-ups are made from wood, metal and high-impact plastic. The major difference in types of tip-ups is whether the majority of the device sits above or below water. Underwater designs consist of a frame that straddles the ice while the spool shaft sits in the hole. The positioning of these models prevents them from being blown over in strong winds. These tip-ups are particularly suited for extremely cold temperatures. The spool will not freeze underwater. High-end models feature spool shafts coated with low temperature lubrication, ensuring a smooth spin when a fish pulls line. Some below water designs also cover the entire hole, preventing holes from freezing.

A Beginners Guide to Ice Fishing
Ice fishing is growing in popularity with each passing year, luring eager anglers to the sport with a passionate frenzy. Most become hooked with that first crank of the auger handle, igniting a life-long hobby and fascination with the 'hard stuff.' But what are the necessary requirements when it comes to outfitting yourself for a day on the ice?

10 Pre-Ice Fishing Tips
With autumn coming to a close, ice fishing season is just around the corner. Now's the time to audit your gear and make sure your organized for first ice action. To help you get ready, here's a list of 10 things I do to get ready for the hard-water.

Tackle Tips for Icing Winter Crappies.
When it comes to ice fishing, my number one quarry is the crappie. This specie can give an angler endless action throughout the day, a great fight on light gear, and of course, can provide a tasty meal at the end of a long stint spent on the ice. Targeting crappies certainly isn't considered rocket science, but there are certain techniques and baits that can greatly increase your odds for success. Lures and Baits After spending many seasons chasing crappies, certain lures and techniques have consistently produced above average results. Although many folk have their own tactics and tricks, my personal favourite would be jigging with a small spoon. To be more precise, a Northland Forage Minnow spoon. This small metal bait, (1/16oz. being the size to use), has accounted for more crappies over the years than all other baits combined. Fish seem to jump all over this lure, and it has a way of triggering both active and inactive fish. Silver is my first choice in clear water, with any of the bright colours mandatory when dealing with the murky stuff. .

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