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  Vexilar Marine Electronics
Since 1960, Vexilar has been a leader in marine electronics for one very good reason, Vexilar makes the highest quality sonar system in the world. Take a look at the newest generation of flat screen Flashers, the FL-12 and FL-20. They round-out the popular Vexilar family of Flashers, the FL-8 and FL-18. Take a few minutes to check out the features and the various ice fishing packs offered for winter fishing. Vexilar is not new to sonar, remember, Vexilar invented the first LCD display sonar. Fast forward to today and our newest TFT color display, the Edge 3 will simply deliver unmatched performance in a dual frequency sonar system, be sure to check it out. 
  MarCum Technologies
MarCum Technologies is a growing and evolving company working hard to design and manufacture the best available outdoor products. Our products are customer driven. From battery chargers and monitors to fishing sonar and underwater viewing systems MarCum is always developing products to make your outdoor experiences more successful and fun! Our engineers are military trained in sonar expertise. These engineers are fishermen too. By combining superior training with 20 years of experience and the love of the game MarCum has the ability to develop serious angling tools. Formed in 1991 our engineers are part of the ownership group 
Designed by Lowrance for winter anglers fishing through the ice. The X67c IceMachine™ is a sonar fishfinder that comes with a rechargeable battery and a transducer designed to be lowered through a hole in the ice to locate the fish beneath. The IceMachine™ also accepts regular transducers to act as an all-year portable sonar fishfinder. 
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